Volum is a product design studio based in Helsinki. Thoughtful approach and human touch on everything we do.


What would your

success look like?

Well defined needs and outlined challenges form the baselayer for any good development project. Volum carries out these steps with you and continues from there with concept creation and product design phases. Finalized visualizations and visual storytelling are naturally part of all stages.

What we do:

  • Concepting

  • CAD modelling

  • Industrial design

  • Visualizations

  • Visual storytelling 

Committed to 

fast-paced projects

A fast-paced world requires companies to live on the pulse of their customers and to continuously develop their products. Volum helps here by providing insight into opportunities, quick product concepting, and help in dialogue at different stages of production. 

Seeking the


Creating meaningful products and services can only be done by defining and solving the right problems. It all starts with seeing the big picture, defining the challenge and then working determinately towards the solution. Usually, it demands more work to create something meaningful and encapsulate the simplicity.

Human touch

on every detail

The quality of any service or product can be seen in its details. From polished curves to holding on deadlines we deliver what we promise. 

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